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Fieldwork is an essential part of the study of Geography, Environmental Science and related programmes. You will therefore have opportunities to participate in fieldwork at all levels of your degree programme, some is compulsory, other field trips are optional. Field trips range from day or part day visits to locations close to the College to residential field trips lasting up to ten days to a number of more distant venues.

The field trips on offer in any one year will vary depending on the availability of academic staff. Some modules containing field trips run every other year, so you need to plan your degree programme accordingly. Some field trips are heavily over-subscribed and a place on a particular field trip cannot therefore be guaranteed.

IMPORTANT: Applying for a place on Level 5 or Level 6 modules containing residential fieldwork
You must apply for a place on a module containing residential fieldwork using mySIS.
In the event of a field trip being oversubscribed a random allocation process will be used. You should consider an alternative choice of module(s) in case you are unable to go on the field trip.
If you are allocated a place on a module containing fieldwork, you will be notified by email and you will have to pay a deposit securing your place on the module by 12 July 2013.

Information about the field trips:

Field trip information GEG5104 and GEG6104 (Ireland) [PDF 52 KB]
Field trip information GEG5125 and GEG6125 (Boston, USA) [PDF 66 KB]
Field trip information for GEG5206 (Somerset) [PDF 59 KB]
Field trip information GEG5220 and GEG6220 (New Zealand) [PDF 63 KB]
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