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Changing places

Street art can be a rich source when investigating changing places.


Changing Places is an exciting addition to the A Level specification from 2016 and the RGS IBG summary found here is a worthwhile read. Place is understood as a meeting of connections and flows of people, ideas, information, money and resources. Students are required to study a local place and a contrasting place for this unit of work. This unit would include looking at the demographic and socio - economic characteristics of their chosen places. With this in mind Tower Hamlets is a rich resource to draw on and whether or not you chose to make it the subject of some fieldwork we would be pleased to help you with resources for teaching this topic. Here are some to get you started:

Data with activities and answers

Data with activities

Background reports with potential lesson starter data

For further advice and resources or to visit the area with your department or pupils contact our schools liaison officer

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