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Robert Stephenson


PhD student

Room Number: Geography Building, Room 218


My background is in Geography, having rediscovered the subject after a long hiatus and return to study as a mature student. I gained a First Class Honours degree in Geography from Brunel University in 2000. Since 2004 I have been running a small business ‘ResearchAssistUK’ dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of research-orientated services to the academic and non-profit-making sectors and beyond. I currently live on a narrowboat in West London with my partner, a fellow Geographer and Senior Research Fellow at London South Bank University and our 1 year-old son.

Research Interests:
My research interests lie in Social and Political Geography and include:

  • Gender and Masculinities
  • Geographies of the Home
  • Urban Landscapes and Constructions of the City
  • Critical Geopolitics
  • Oral History
  • Visual Culture
  • Archiving and Digitization

PhD Research:
Men juggling work, home and family in contemporary London

Dr Al James and Dr Alastair Owens (Geography, Queen Mary, London)
Eleanor John and Laura Bedford (Geffrye Museum, London)

AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award at the Centre for Studies of Home (2012-2015)

Research Aims:
This qualitative study will explore the everyday lived experiences of self-identified ‘male primary caregivers’ juggling competing activities of work, home and family in London in the (post)recessionary period focusing particularly on households supported by a female breadwinner.

Research Questions:

  • In what ways do contemporary patterns of domestic practice by self-identified male primary caregivers in London correspond to – or eschew – a simple ‘role reversal’ as understood through a narrowly ‘maternal lens’?
  • What difficulties do self-identified ‘male primary caregivers’ in London experience in assuming a more gender equitable distribution of domestic work within the home?
  • What strategies and technologies are employed to overcome those challenges and reconcile competing responsibilities of paid work and care in ways commensurate with ‘acceptable’ forms of masculinity amongst peers?
  • How do men’s everyday work-care reconciliation strategies and patterns of domestic practice in London vary by household situation, job role and industrial sector?

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
Centre for Studies of Home - A collaborative research partnership between QMUL and The Geffrye Museum of the Home, London (



  • Weller, S. and Edwards, R. with Stephenson, R. (2011) Researching children’s lateral relationships over time: methodological & ethical lessons from a Qualitative Longitudinal study, Families & Social Capital Research Group Working Paper No. 30, London: London South Bank University (
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