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Dr Martin Sokol


Visiting Research Fellow



Research Interests:

Research areas: Economic geography, regional and urban development, knowledge economy, transformations in Eastern and Central Europe

Martin Sokol is an economic geographer whose primary research interests revolve around social and spatial inequalities in the context of the ‘New Europe’. He is particularly interested in the rise of the ‘new knowledge-based economy’ in the ‘West’, the fall of state-socialism in the ‘East’ and the implications of these two processes for cities and regions in Western and East-Central Europe.

Martin completed a PhD thesis at the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS), University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. His doctoral research engaged with the ‘knowledge economy’ and the ‘learning region’ concepts while focusing on ‘institutional thickness’ in the UK (Scotland) and East-Central Europe (Slovakia).

Since then, Martin has partaken on several major research projects including:

POLYNET – Sustainable Management of European Polycentric Mega-City Regions (EU Interreg IIIB project led by Professor Sir Peter Hall on the geography of knowledge-intensive financial and business services in the context of globalising mega-city regions - the Greater Dublin Region case study);

Telecommunication Services and Networks: Territorial Trends and Basic Supply of Infrastructure for Territorial Cohesion (ESPON project on the geography of telecommunications services and networks in Ireland and Slovakia);

TRANSFORM – Benchmarking and Fostering Transformative Use of ICT in EU Regions (FP6 project on ‘regional cultures’ and regional institutional capacities and their role in fostering transformational impacts of ICT on the economy and society in Europe).

ACRE - Accommodating Creative Knowledge: Competitiveness of European Metropolitan Regions within the Enlarged Union (FP6 project on the ‘creative class’ and ‘creative industries’ and their role in promoting economic competitiveness in European city-regions);

Martin is a Member of the ‘Economy, Development and Social Justice Research Group’ [new window]. He is also involved in the activities of ‘ The City Centre’, the Departments’ new research centre for collaborative research and related activities that are focused on the city, especially within its ‘ Economic geographies of the city’ research stream.

Martin has also contributed to the Department's research on the ‘living wage’ in London. The report 

can be downloaded.

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