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Dr Gale Raj-Reichert


Lecturer in Economic Geography

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 2746
Room Number: Bancroft Building, Room 2.10


Gale’s research interests are on labour governance of global production networks in developing countries. Her current research focuses on how changing relationships and power dynamics between firms in the electronics industry, governments, non-governmental organizations and trade unions affect negotiations, strategies and activities around labour governance in Malaysia and China. Gale’s fieldwork is based in the US, EU, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. Gale’s publications include papers in Regulation and Governance, Geoforum (two papers) and Competition and Change. Her research has also had an impact in policy communities, notably through her work with the International Labour Organization.


Research Interests:

Gale has been awarded a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award on ‘Improving labour conditions in global production networks through socially responsible public procurement’ Rising Star Engagement Awards Rising Star Engagement 2018 brief [PDF 71KB] (March 2018 to March 2019). With a particular focus on the European Union, the project aims to bring together public buyers, civil society organisations, and academics to understand the role of socially responsible public procurement and its effects on working conditions in global production networks. The objectives are to develop a conceptual and theoretical lens on the state as a governance actor, in hybrid form as regulator-buyer, exercised through market power in GPNs. The project will hold a multi-stakeholder launch event in November 2018. The project also will produce a Special Issue on ‘Socially responsible public procurement: an exploration of the state in labour governance in global production networks’ aimed at contributions from an inter-disciplinary set of papers (Call for Papers: Responsible Public Procurement Call for Papers [PDF 520KB]).

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