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Kristin Hussey


PhD student

Room Number: Geography Building, Room 218


Research interests
Health geographies, imperial networks, alternative medical practices, Victorian London, medical museums, material culture, construction of medical knowledge, history of surgery

PhD Research
Working title: Imperial Medicine in the Global City: Exploring the impact of Empire on London’s healthscapes, 1850-1930

This doctoral research will consider the extent to which London’s healthscapes were shaped by the city’s role as the Imperial metropolis in the period 1850-1930. My thesis will examine the reciprocal process of creating medical knowledge in a variety of spaces within the ‘heart of the empire’, the city of London. In so doing, I will investigate exchanges of medical knowledge flowing into and out of the metropolis, and the negotiation of these health practices by residents of the imperial city. Focusing on sites of encounter across London, with particular emphasis on the docklands, my project aims to understand the process of negotiating and creating medical knowledge prompted by ideas, practices and peoples coming from the Empire and wider world. This research will reconceptualise the term ‘imperial medicine’ by looking at health as mutually constitutive between Britain and the Empire rather than simply an export to colonial territories.

Through this project, I am particularly interested to explore the lived experience of keeping well in the metropolis for its imperial citizens, especially in informal and domestic spaces. I will also examine representations of disease, empire and health in commercial products and pharmaceuticals as well as in the exhibitionary sites of hospitals, museums and imperial exhibitions. This will be set against wider debates on race, degeneration theory, the experience of the Empire at home and the professionalization of healthcare. My methodology will draw on the approaches of health geography, anthropology, material culture studies and post-colonial studies to examine the missionary records, domestic literature, commercial listings, advertisements, hospital records, museum objects and fictional and semi-fictional accounts of imperial London in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Academic Background

  • Masters of Arts in Art Gallery and Museum Studies, University of Manchester (2011)
  • Bachelors of Science in Foreign Service (Culture and Politics), Georgetown University (2010)


  • Hussey, KD. 2014. ‘British Dental Surgery and the First World War: The treatment of facial and jaw injuries from the battlefield to the home front’, British Dental Journal 217 (10), (accepted).
  • Hussey, KD. 2014. ‘The Colyer Collection of First World War Dental Radiographs and Casts at the Hunterian Museum’, Dental Historian, 59 (2), pp. 66-73.
  • Hussey, KD. 2014. ‘Ming the forgotten celebrity: a giant panda skull in the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons of England’, Archives of Natural History, 41 (1), pp. 159-161.


  • Queen Mary Principal’s Studentship 2014-2017


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