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Ben Chandler


PhD student

Room Number: Geography Building, Room 104


Research interests
My research interests relate to the broad themes of glacier dynamics and glacier-climate interactions, with particular focus on glacier response to rapid climate change. These themes are explored by examining geomorphological and sedimentological records. I integrate multiple methods, including GIS and remote sensing, field mapping, sedimentology and geochronology, to arrive at a holistic understanding of events and processes in both modern and ancient glacial settings. Specific research interests include:

  • Pattern, dynamics and timing of Quaternary glaciations
  • Formation and significance of ice-marginal moraines
  • Geomorphological signature and dynamics of plateau icefields
  • Active temperate glacial landsystems
  • Contemporary glacier change in the Nordic countries

PhD research
Pattern, dynamics and timing of glaciation on the Gaick Plateau, Central Grampian Highlands, Scotland

Despite recent advances in the understanding of Quaternary glacial events in Upland Britain, particularly relating to the Loch Lomond Stadial (broadly correlated with the Younger Dryas; ~12.9–11.7 ka), there remain large areas in Scotland where the pattern, dynamics and timing of Quaternary glacier fluctuations are poorly understood. This is exemplified by the Gaick Plateau, Central Grampian Highlands where widely differing interpretations of the sediment-landform archive have been postulated. Elucidating the pattern and timing of glacial events in this region is of key importance as it has significant implications for the understanding of palaeoclimate during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition (16–8 ka). This project seeks to resolve these issues through the application of a combination of geomorphological, sedimentological and geochronological (morphostratigraphy, OSL and radiocarbon dating) methods.


  • Dr Sven Lukas, School of Geography, QMUL
  • Dr Clare Boston, Department of Geography, University of Portsmouth


  • 2014 – 2017: Queen Mary Natural and Environmental Science Studentship

Academic background

2015: AG-825 Glaciology, The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)

2013 – 2014: MSc (by Research) Geography, Durham University

  • MSc thesis: “Application of annual moraines to assess patterns and rates of recent ice-marginal retreat at Skálafellsjökull, SE Iceland”
  • Supervisors: Professor David J.A. Evans and Dr David H. Roberts
  • Funding: Quaternary Research Association New Research Workers’ Award; Van Mildert College Postgraduate Award; and Van Mildert College Principal’s Award.

2010 – 2013: BSc (Hons) Geography (1st Class), Queen Mary University of London

  • BSc dissertation: “Glacial geomorphology of Ben More Coigach, Northwest Scottish Highlands: Implications for Loch Lomond Stadial glaciation and palaeoclimate”
  • Supervisor: Dr Sven Lukas
  • Awarded the 2014 British Society for Geomorphology Marjorie Sweeting Dissertation Prize for the best undergraduate geomorphological dissertation undertaken at a UK university.


Further information



Peer-reviewed articles:

  • Chandler, B.M.P. and Lukas, S. (2017). Reconstruction of Loch Lomond Stadial (Younger Dryas) glaciers on Ben More Coigach, NW Scotland, and implications for reconstructing palaeoclimate using small ice masses. Journal of Quaternary Science, 32(4), 475–492. [Available here]
  • Chandler, B.M.P., Evans, D.J.A. and Roberts, D.H. (2016). Recent retreat at a temperate Icelandic glacier in the context of the last ~80 years of climate change in the North Atlantic region. αrktos, 2(1), 24. [Available here]
  • Chandler, B.M.P., Evans, D.J.A. and Roberts, D.H. (2016). Characteristics of recessional moraines at a temperate glacier in SE Iceland: Insights into patterns, rates and drivers of glacier retreat. Quaternary Science Reviews, 135, 171-205. [Available here]
  • Chandler, B.M.P., Evans, D.J.A., Roberts, D.H., Ewertowski, M.W. and Clayton, A.I. Glacial geomorphology of the Skálafellsjökull foreland, Iceland: A case study of ‘annual’ moraines. Journal of Maps, in press. [Available here]

Short articles:

  • Chandler, B.M.P. (2015). Application of “annual” moraines to assess recent patterns and rates of ice-marginal retreat at Skálafellsjökull, SE Iceland. MSc Thesis Abstract. Quaternary Newsletter, 136, 34-35.
  • Chandler, B.M.P. (2014). Assessing recent ice-marginal fluctuations of Skálafellsjökull, SE Iceland. Quaternary Newsletter, 134, 33-36.
  • Chandler, B.M.P. and Jenkins, G.T. (2014). GLWG 14: The Cheshire-Shropshire Lowlands. Quaternary Newsletter, 133, 22-27.
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