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Alexandra Boyle


PhD student

Room Number: Geography Building, Room 218


Research interests

Health geographies; ageing; geographies of care; emotional geographies; public health; telecare; geographies of the body; virtual geographies.

PhD research

Exploring the emotio-spatial dimensions of communication technology use among older adults in contemporary London

This project sets out to consider the place of ageing bodies within the discipline of human geography. Particular bodies for example, gendered bodies, pregnant bodies, obese or ill bodies have received greater scholarly interest than ageing bodies. Despite bodily geographers and other related sub-disciplines such as emotional geographies putting corporeal concerns onto the research agenda, our current conceptions of bodies remain restricted. We only know certain bodies in particular, empirical, ontological and epistemological ways. This doctoral research will focus on how our current notions of the body might be usefully expanded through the introduction of ‘more-than-human’ theoretical perspectives and greater intersectionality with emotional geographies, which will lead us to ask new questions of bodies. It is hoped that these reframed questions will elicit new approaches to understanding bodily capacities and spatialities, with a view to forging transformative connections as to how older adults in particular ‘live’ their bodies. Specifically this research project seeks to become knowledgeable about, and open up possibilities for, new and different accounts of how the emotio-spatial dimensions of communication technology use among older adults in contemporary London might impact on the ways in which older adults ‘do’ their ageing bodies.    


Academic background

  • Masters of Health Sciences with First Class Honours (2010), University of Auckland
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Arts with Distinction (2009), University of Auckland
  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in Geography (2006–2008), University of Otago


  • Boyle, A., Wiles, J. L., and Kearns, R. A., (2015). Rethinking ageing in place: The ‘people’ and ‘place’ nexus. Progress in Geography, 34(12): 1495-1511.
  • Kearns, R. A., Boyle, A. F. and Ergler, C. R. (2012). The Legacy of an Intervention: Exploring the Mobilites of Teenage Walking School Bus ‘Graduates’ in Auckland, SITES: A Journal of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies, (9)1: 83–106.  


  • 2013–2016: Queen Mary University of London Principal’s Research Studentship


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