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Health, Biosciences and Security

The Health, Biosciences and Security research theme is one of the largest groups of health geographers in the UK. The theme brings together research in three distinctive areas: health, place and population; the geographies of bioscience and biomedicine; and the geographies of global health. The theme’s research in each of these areas has had a significant and continuing impact on research, policy and practice both inside and outside of the discipline.

Group members

The Health, Biosciences and Security research theme consists of the following members:

  • Alexandra Boyle – ageing; emotional geographies; telecare
  • Dr Tim Brown (convenor) – critical public health; environment and health; security and risk
  • Professor Peter Congdon – geographic epidemiology; spatial demography; spatial statistics
  • Dr Fran Darlington-Pollock – ethnic inequalities in health; health and place; migration
  • Oliver Gibson – health and environment; Victorian studies; child welfare
  • Josie Hamper – health technologies; maternal health; the ‘quantified self’
  • Dr Kerry Holden – institutional cultures; policymaking; science and technology
  • Kristin Hussey – construction of medical knowledge; imperial networks; medical museums
  • Dr Simon Reid-Henry – humanitarianism; security and development; vital geographies
  • Paulina Szymczynska – health and place; participation in medical research; psychiatry
  • Dr Stephen Taylor – biomedicine; genealogies of global health; uneven development

Theme members welcome interest from prospective postgraduate students (MA and PhD), postdoctoral researchers and visiting scholars.

Meeting series
The research theme hosts regular seminars within the School of Geography research seminar series. In addition, the theme hosts informal brown-bag seminars and reading groups to discuss new ideas and significant contributions within our fields of interest. These regular theme meetings aim to promote a culture of interaction, communication and collaboration both internally and externally. All are welcome to attend. Please contact to be added to our mailing list.

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