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Example of spreadsheet

The method for checking, correcting and validating records is simple: you just drop the KML file into Google Earth
and compare where each record is displayed with where it says it is from in the spreadsheet. If, for example, a record is stated to be from Windermere Lake, but displays in the town of Windermere some distance from the lake, then obviously it needs to be corrected; records that display in the correct location can be validated. Notes can be added to the spreadsheet, which is then returned to the coordinator who will consider all suggestions and make appropriate alterations to the database. The Citizen Scientist can then request another set of data for checking, and so on.

Example of ostracod records displayed in Google Earth; placing the pointer on a marker displays multiple species records from that site.

Geographical regions
At the moment our priority is Europe (in a very broad geographical sense), but we will also be dealing with regions of Canada and the USA in the near future. To see the European list click here; it is intended as an approximate guide only; if there is a particular smaller region that you are familiar with or more interested in, you can request it (e.g. English Lake District, German Alps, environs of Paris). If a region you are looking for is not in the list, it may be because we have no records from there, or because we have simply forgotten it - please ask.

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