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David M Smith annual lecture

The 13th David M Smith annual lecture, 'From territorial stigma to territorial justice: a critique of vested interest urbanism' was given on Wednesday 30 November 2016 by former student, Tom Slater (Geography BA, 1998) who is now Reader in Urban Geography at the University of Edinburgh. The lecture formed part of a wider event, a reunion for former students and staff in geography, geology and environmental science at QMUL.

  • View photos of the event on Flickr and view the recording of the lecture on YouTube

Previous lectures include:

  • 2015 Jennifer Robinson (University College London) 'Post-Democracy Meets Post-Colony: London as a theory destination’
  • 2014 Chris Philo (University of Glasgow) ‘ Well-Being, Mental Health and the Smiths
  • 2013 Susan Parnell (University of Cape Town) ‘Making Cities Fairer’ – click here for a video of the 2013 lecture.
  • 2012 Paul Cloke (University of Exeter) ‘Postsecular stirrings? Geographies of hope in amongst neoliberalism’
  • 2011 Jamie Peck (University of British Columbia, Canada) ‘Fast policy, at the limits of neoliberalism’
  • 2010 David Harvey (City University of New York) ‘The dialectics of social change’
  • 2009 Onora O’Neill (University of Cambridge) ‘Geographical problems, political solutions?’
  • 2008 Partha Chatterjee (Columbia University, New York) ‘Terrorism: a word that travelled’
  • 2007 Susan M Smith (University of Cambridge) ‘Who gets what, where in the tangled world of housing, mortgage and financial markets?’
  • 2006 John Pickles (University of North Carolina) ‘New cartographies of the borderlands: on the geographies of democracy-to-come’
  • 2005 Stuart Corbridge (London School of Economics and Political Science) ‘Development studies after 9/11: the (im)morality of critique’
  • 2004 Doreen Massey (Open University) ‘Space, time and political responsibility’
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