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University of London Centre for Micromorphology

Queen Mary University of London and Royal Holloway, University of London


The University of London Centre for Micromorphology (CfM), set up in 2003, is a unique research collaboration between Royal Holloway, University of London, and Queen Mary University of London. It builds on internationally recognised research expertise at both institutions in the microscopic study of unconsolidated soils and sediments. The suite of laboratories within the CfM provides a world-class research facility in micromorphology within the University of London.

The Centre for Micromorphology has the following aims:

  • To develop and apply micro-scale sedimentological studies of academic and applied natures.
  • To develop, support and expand existing techniques in the preparation and analysis of micromorphological samples;
  • To host training and research networks with international scholars, and train new users;
  • To provide a forum for discussions on key issues facing the changing environment, by bringing together academic research and relevant user and practitioner communities.

NEWS: The 8th International Workshop on the Micromorphology of Glacigenic Sediments has now been announced and will take place from Monday 1st to Friday 6th July, 2012, at QMUL. 

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