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Research centres in the School of Geography

The Centre for Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments involves interdisciplinary collaboration between hydrological and fluvial research in the School of Geography and School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary, facilitating research in the Earth Systems Science theme.

The City Centre: researching city lives and connections conducts theoretical and applied research on cities, builds urban research across the human geography themes, and develops links to other research at Queen Mary and outside the academy.

The Centre for the Study of Global Security and Development is a joint initiative with the School of Politics and International Relations and the School of Business and Management to foster interdisciplinary research, and a more critical approach, to the intersection of issues of globalisation, security and development.

The Centre for Studies of Home is a formal partnership between Queen Mary and The Geffrye Museum of the Home. It is an international hub of research, knowledge exchange and public engagement activities on past and present homes. Initiated by £10k from QM Innovations, it has generated over £770k total external grant income (for Geography: ‘Living with the past at home’ (Catherine Nash, Caron Lipman, Alison Blunt and Alastair Owens); a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (Richard Baxter); three AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award studentships on ‘Home-work’ (Laura Humphreys, Robert Stephenson and Annabelle Wilkins) and one ESRC studentship (Carey Newson).  

The Centre on Labour and Global Production (CLGP) is a formal research centre with the School of Business and Management, supported by the HSS Faculty.

The Centre for Micromorphology is a joint initiative with Royal Holloway, University of London, to develop a world-class facility to examine sub-glacial environments through pioneering developments in thin section micromorphology, thereby facilitating research in the Earth Systems Science theme.

The Centre for the Study of Migration aims to facilitate, promote and develop interdisciplinary work on migration at Queen Mary. It hosts a programme of events, seminars, workshops and conferences through the academic year that explores migration from diverse disciplinary perspectives. The Centre is committed to acting as a focal point in London for research related to migration and to offer opportunities to scholars of migration within and beyond Queen Mary to share and develop their work through participation in the Centre's events and publications.

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