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Centre for Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments (CATE)

Investment of over £1.8 million in analytical equipment and specialist laboratory facilities has established our 'Centre for Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments (CATE)' which builds on existing research strengths in areas of environmental research such as hydrology, hydrochemistry, environmental geochemistry, freshwater and marine ecology, terrestrial ecology and conservation.

These facilities enable us to improve understanding of the material flows, contaminants and macronutrient cycles within the Earth’s surface systems, including: (i) hydrological controls on nutrient cycling and greenhouse gas fluxes at the land-air-water interface; and (ii) the interplay between hydrogeomorphic and biogeomorphic processes essential to the delivery of ecosystem services.

The Centre’s facilities support collaborative research with external partners including the RSPB, Environment Agency, Medway Ports Authority and GEODE, enabling knowledge exchange and dissemination. These facilities are also critical to the delivery of postgraduate modules taught in the School (you can find further details of these in our module finder), such as GEG7301 Aquatic Systems and GEG7303 Biogeochemistry which are components of our Integrated Management of Freshwater Environments MSc

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