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Analytical equipment

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 Analytical Instruments (links to manufacturers websites)

Other laboratory equipment

  • Heto PowerDry LL3000 Freeze Dryer
  • HF and HClO3 compatible fume cupboards, including darkroom HF fume cupboard
  • 2 x Carbolite Furnaces
  • 2 x Eppendorf centrifuges, 1 x Denley BS400 centrifuge
  • 1 x Weiss Gallenkamp Fitotron Environmental Cabinet
  • 4 x TEFCOLD refrigerated cabinets
  • Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extraction 200 System or extracting organic chemicals from soils and sediment using solvents.
  • Other basic equipment including pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen meters, temperature controlled hotplates, ovens, sieves, vacuum pumps, flask shakers, water baths
  • Millipore Synergy UHQ Water Purification System
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