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Why QMUL Geography?

As the world of work grows more competitive and more people are earning first degrees, a masters degree significantly increases your opportunities for career advancement.

But people do a masters degree for many different reasons and at different stages of their career. Some just wish to further their studies; some to prepare for yet further study (perhaps towards a PhD). Some choose a masters as a way of maximising chances of gaining employment in a specialist field and some as means of advancing in their existing career, or indeed to facilitate a career change.

At QMUL Geography, we recognise these different needs and offer a deliberately wide array of masters programmes to suit different people. We also believe that contact between academia and outside world is vital to both good research and learning, and to wider benefit the community. All our masters programmes variously engage with a range of external organisation – from museums and galleries (London Studies MA, Cities and Cultures MA) to overseas development organisations (Global Development Futures MA, Development and Global Health MA) and in the water and environmental sectors (Integrated Management of Freshwater Environments MSc). The most important thing is to a choose a masters programme that best matches your   research interests.

All of our masters degrees are available on a full-time or part-time basis (one year full-time/two years part-time).

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