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Corylus avellana (Hazel)

Corylus avellana grows with a single trunk which can reach 20-25ft (Tansley, 1939). Once established it spreads by seeds and suckers and in the absence of competition from taller trees it will shade out many lower plants. If a field flora does become established, it is likely to be early flowering plants such as wood anemone and primrose (Wilkinson, 1976). In practice, hazel is usually coppiced, when stems can reach between 1-6m in height. It has smooth, coppery brown bark, which peals off in thin papery strips and twigs that are clothed in thick reddish glandular hairs. The leaves range from between 5-12cm in length (Clapham, et al 1987). It is also the only native British tree with nuts which are edible without major processing.

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