Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF) fortnightly newsletter


Professor Sylvia Walby reports on the impacts of cuts on violence against women services (Feb 2012)

'Have Gender Quotas Really Helped Norwegian Women?' (Feb 2011)

Trevor Phillips: 'Why Equality and Human Rights are Essential to Economic Recovery (Feb 2011)

HR 'should not be afraid to use positive discrimination' (Feb 2011)

UK Women’s Budget Group Report on Budget Proposals in Party Manifestos (May 2010)

Budget 2011

Impact on Women of Budget 2011: UK Women's Budget Group's response to the Coalition Government's Budget 2011.  See also accompanying press release from the Fawcett Society (April 2011)

Equality Act 2010

Evaulation of the Equality Act - Evidence Dossier  (Report by the Equality and Diversity Forum)

The Equality Act Specific Duties (June 2011) - for England; for Wales

Consultation exercise initiated by the 'Red Tape Challenge' regarding the Cabinet Office's view that the Equality Act is 'red tape' and might possibly be scrapped (April 2011)

Written ministerial statement, 'Equality Act 2010: public sector equality duty', Theresa May, Minister for Women and Equalities (17 March 2011) - see also Reports/ Policy Review Papers section below

Equality Act 2010: The public sector equality duty: reducing bureaucracy, Government Equalities Office (17 March 2011)

Government Equalities Office requests evidence about existing and planned research relevant to the Equality Act 2010 for an evaluation of the Act, including surveys, doctrinal, qualitative and quantitative research (Feb 2011)

The Equality Act 2010 (Statutory Duties) Draft Regulations

New Books

Gender, Sexualities and Law (Jackie Jones, Anna Grear, Rachel Anne Fenton, and Kim Stevenson

Reports / Policy Review Papers

Open For All? The Changing Nature of Equality Under Big Society and Localism (Jan 2012)

World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development

The Impact on Women of the Autumn Financial Statement, 29 Nov 2011.  The Women's Budget Group (Jan 2012)

Equality at Work: The Continuing Challenge (global report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work) (ILO 2011)

Global Employment Trends 2011: The Challenge of a Jobs Recovery (ILO 2011)

Low Pay Britain (Sept 2011). Report by the Resolution Foundation.  See also associated coverage in The Guardian.

Race to Progress - Breaking Down Barriers. Ensuring Race is No Barrier to Workers' Career Prospects.  Business in the Community Report 2011.

Equality and Human Rights Commission: How Fair is Britain? Equality, Human Rights and Good Relations in 2010. The First Triennial Review.

Equality and Human Rights Commission and Government Equalities Office:
Monitoring Update on the Impact of the Recession on Various Demographic Groups

Equality and Human Rights Commission: The Equality Impacts of the Current Recession

Government: The Equality Strategy - Building a Fairer Britain  (December 2010)

Ambition and Gender at Work, Institute of Leadership and Management


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Research Projects and Centres:

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Seminar Series

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ESRC Fairness at Work Seminar Series, Brighton University Business School, Institute for Employment Studies, and the University of Manchester, together with the EU work care synergies project


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European Commission’s EQUAL Initiative

US Dept of Labor Women’s Bureau
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